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The « wolf tone", is a parasitic vibration on a string, it is the result of a conflict of sound frequencies. To avoid this, musicians use Wolf tone eliminator that adds weight to the string, which removes conflicting sound frequencies but causes an undesirable effect of mute.


Not satisfied with this solution, André Theunis, Master Luthier and acoustic enthusiast, undertook research to find a non-invasive solution. After several years of studies and tests, he ended up creating the "Wolf Tuner" to tame the wolf rather than smother it.


In order to make his fellow Luthiers discover it, he presented his invention at the Congress of the International Society Luthiers and Bow Makers http://www.eila.org/, in Prague in 2011.


After a demonstration, it is with a standing ovation that the Wolf Tuner was welcomed.

The Wolf Tuner offers to play with the wolf rather than trying to kill him.

Instead of removing conflicting sound frequencies, it tunes them.


Its design is based on its resonance rather than on its weight.


His composition gives it a proper resonance and its weight is 3 times lighter than a conventional wolf tone eliminator.


It avoids the mute effect while enriching the timbre of the instrument.


Scientific Studies

A study by Potsdam University:

Gunnar GIDION, Werner WIRGES, Reimund GERHARD,

" The wolf suppressor as a tunable vibration absorber "

Universität Potsdam, February 2014.

Read the study


Presentation of this study by Gunnar Guidion at acoustic congress ISMA 2014, Le Mans, France :


Read the study

Comparison of the Wolf Tuner with conventional wolf tone eliminator :​

AITCHISON, Taming Wolf Notes

Raphael Wallfisch:
" I hate losing all that expensive quality " says Raphael Wallfisch on the subject of wolf note suppression and cello sound. Until recently he was using the Güth Wolftöter on his Gagliano cello but has just discovered the new ‘Wolf Tuner’ made by André Theunis. This light-weight (2.8g) solid silver suppressor slips over the string below the bridge like the New Harmony but has a center of gravity very eccentric to the string and works very well for Raphael. "

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A study by the University of Nice : 

Wolf Hunting! Vibratory study of a cello, paragraph 5.3: Changing the polarization of the transverse wave.


"The phenomenon of the wolf is characterized by a degeneration of Helmholtz's movement into a double slip. The Theunis tuners impose on the rope on which they are fixed a direction of oscillation and thus change the coupling between the rope and the body. They also modify the natural frequency of the body by increasing the total vibration mass. "

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Laser measurement by optical target

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